Flaggen der im Fachsprachenprogramm vertretenen Landessprachen

Legal Languages and Foreign Law

The Program

The Department of Law offers a comprehensive Program on Foreign Legal Languages and Foreign Law. The program provides all the necessary basic skills in legal terminology for lawyers in at least one foreign language. It also prepares students for studying, internships or a LL.M. degree abroad.


I. Foreign Legal Languages

The courses on foreign legal languages (for example legal English or legal French etc.) provide the legal terminology in the respective language and prepare the students for the introductory courses on foreign law. Furthermore, students must pass at least one of the courses in a foreign language in order to register for the first state exam (§ 24 sec. 2 JAPO). The course in legal German for foreign students provides a level of language skills that is needed in order to be admitted to study law at the department.

The courses in legal English I, II and III, as well as the courses in legal Spanish I, II and III, prepare students for optional external certificates in legal languages such as the ILEC (International Legal English Certificate) in English and the DEN (Diploma de Español de los Negocios) in Spanish. 


II. Courses on Foreign Law

The courses on foreign law (Introduction to English Law etc.) introduce the students to foreign legal systems. They require deep knowledge in the respective language and legal terminology. Such language skills can for example be proven by passing the appropriate courses offered by the department. These courses on foreign law regularly take place once a year, either as a block course or as a regular course during the lecture period. The courses are held in the respective language.