Language courses

Language courses are offered free of charge by the centre for languages and media didactics (Zentrum für Sprachen und Mediendidaktik, ZSM), located at the „Am Hubland“, University complex.
German language courses (“Deutsch als Fremdsprache”, DaF) are offered as intensive preparatory courses during the lecture-free period and as semester courses. Prior enrolment for the preparatory courses is not necessary, but be sure to bring your certificate of matriculation to the first lecture. Exchange students should consult with the International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) in advance to ensure their non-fee status.
Enrolment for the semester courses is obligatory and takes place at the beginning of the lecture term. Courses in other languages are also offered both as intensive and semester courses, but require an early enrolment, at least 2 month ahead.
For further details please consult the ZSM leaflet „Deutsch als Fremdsprache“