Selection of courses

Exchange students are permitted to attend courses at the University of Würzburg under particularly privileged conditions. They do not have to select their courses to meet the requirements of the examination regulations in force here. They may therefore attend any course offered on condition that they possess the necessary knowledge and there is place available. With the letter of admission („Zulassungsbescheid“) the student receives general permission to study at the University of Würzburg within the framework of a bilateral exchange programme.
The Law Faculty of Würzburg does not require exchange students to follow a particular curriculum. You will, however, have to comply with the requirements of your home university.
Generally speaking, courses tend to be similar from one year to the other, so the course catalogue of the previous year can give a good indication of the courses on offer. However, some courses are only offered every other or every third term. This holds especially true for advanced lectures.
Before leaving, students can select the courses they wish to attend in Würzburg together with their course co-ordinator at their home institution. To avoid unpleasant surprises, students are well advised to finalize their choice of classes only after they have consulted the annotated course catalogue and the Erasmus office. Should it prove necessary to make any changes in the classes selected, the exchange student must have these approved by the co-ordinator at his or her home University.