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    Manuela Deingruber

    active since: October 2017


    I started my law studies at Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg in the winter semester 2016/17. Since then, I´m full of enthusiasm. To devote myself besides my studies to other interesting topics, too, I decided to apply for a job as a student assistant. I was very interested in the job advertisement from the women´s representative Cathrin Silberzahn as the tasks seemed tob e different from the usual work at an academic chair. I thought this might be an interesting variety to my studies. In October 2017, I started my work in Cathrin´s team as a student assistant at Professor Dr. Ralf P. Schenke´s chair.

    I´ve been interested in the topic of gender equality for quite some time. Already at school, I realized that there are fewer women then men in the academic area. During my studies, this proved tob e true. For example, there are fewer female professors. I hope to learn about the reasons for this gender gap durin my work in the team oft he women´s representative. Moreover, it is my personal concern to reduce the disadvantages of female graduates and to help women with their work and studies at Julius-Maximilians-Universität.


    active: April 2018



    In October 2017, I began to study law at the University of Würzburg. Since April 2018, I have been Cathrin Silberzahn´s assistant at the chair of Public Law, German, European and International Tax Law.

    As a student assistant, I have the opportunity to gain interesting insights into Cathrin Silberzahn´s responsibilities ans tasks as women´s representative.

    Gender equality continues being up-to-date since women still do not have the same possibilities and opportunities as men. In Germany, we are already quite advanced, but there are still some gender-related disadvantages. Within the scope of my work, I hope to find out why these gender-related disadvantages exist. In addition to that, I will do my best to help women have equal academic opportunities.