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  • Source: Press office University of Würzburg
Forschungsstelle RobotRecht

Collaborative research with Audi AG


Today, a number of assistance system technologies are already available that relieve drivers of parts of the driving task and control the vehicle semi-autonomously (e.g. lane keeping assistants, automatic steering when parking, and automatic emergency braking of the vehicle). In the event of an accident (and in the context of any subsequent investigation into liability), whether causation of the accident is attributed to driver error or to an incorrect intervention by the driving assistance system, will become a significantly more important question in the future. In order to enable an unambiguous reconstruction of how accidents transpire, it would be possible to use so-called accident data recorders in vehicles, which record accident-relevant parameters of the vehicle in a way similar to black boxes in commercial aircraft.

Slo far it is unresolved how accident-data-recorder can enhance the evidence-situation when they are used in autonomous and highly-automated vehicles, what legal and technical requirements have to be considered and whether recording the driving parameter is technically possible and desirable.

In the framework of this two years enduring projekts these questions were - financed an supported by AUDI AG - examined comprehensively at the professorship of Prof. Dr. Dr. Hilgendorf.