Tips for the conferral of a doctorate

Please submit enquiries concerning the conferral of a doctorate either in writing or via email to my chair:

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Schmahl
Universität Würzburg
Juristische Fakultät
Domerschulstr. 16
97070 Würzburg


Fax: + 49 (0)931 / 31 8 27 92

A curriculum vitae as well as (non-certified) copies of certificates of graduation and, where applicable, other relevant documents (e.g. certificate of university entrance qualification, certificates of term papers, diploma) are to be enclosed to the enquiry. In addition, a short presentation of the object and purpose of the planned dissertation is kindly requested.

Candidates have to meet the criteria laid down in the doctoral degree regulations of the University of Würzburg (click here for the latest version). Please verify in advance whether you meet those criteria. The necessary seminar for doctoral candidates has to be attended regularly after the admission as a doctoral candidate.