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7th ECFR Symposium (2012)

Program of the 7th ECFR Symposium

in Luxemburg, Luxemburg, on Friday, September 28, 2012 (9.00 – ca. 18.00) on

1) Corporate Governance: Duties and Liabilities of Board Members


2) The Transfer of Seat (afternoon session).

The ECFR Conference was held in the Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce, 7, rue Alcide de Gasperi, Luxembourg-Kirchberg, L-2981 Luxembourg. The Conference was held in English.

On the basis of talks by both academics and practitioners, our conference schedule visited the following topics:

Opening remarks

Pierre Gramegna
(Director, Chamber of Commerce, Luxemburg)

Heribert Hirte
(Professor, University of Hamburg, Germany)

Pierre-Henri Conac
(Professor, University of Luxemburg, Luxemburg)

Morning Session I:
Duties and Liabilities of Board Members in Investment Funds

President: Heribert Hirte

The Legal Situation in Luxemburg and in Europe
 (Isabelle Riassetto, Professor, University of Luxemburg, Luxemburg)

The View of the Industry
(Claude Kremer, President of the European Fund and Asset Management Association - EFAMA, Brussels, Partner at Arendt & Medernach, Luxemburg)

The View of the Luxemburg Regulator
(Simone Delcourt, Member of the Executive Board of the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, CSSF, Luxemburg)

– Morning break –

Morning Session II:
Duties and Liabilities of Board Members in Listed Companies
President: Niamh Moloney (Professor, London School of Economics, London)

Mapping Directors' Duties: Current Trends and Developments in the EU
 (Carsten Gerner-Beuerle, Senior Lecturer, London School of Economics and Edmund Schuster, Lecturer, London School of Economics)

A Case Based Study on Duties and Liabilities of Board Members
 (Theis Klauberg, bnt attorneys-at-law, Riga, Latvia)

Risk Management, Procedures and Company Law
 (Dirk Zetzsche, Professor, University of Liechtenstein)

Duties and Liabilities of Independent Board Members
(Erich Vermeulen, Professor of Law and Management [Faculty of Law, Tilburg University], Professor of Financial Market Regulation [Tilburg Law and Economics Center] and Vice President Philips Cor- porate Legal Department [Corporate and Financial Law Group], Philips N.V., Eindhoven, Nether- lands)

– Lunch break –
(Walking Lunch in the Chamber of Commerce)

Afternoon Session I:
Related Parties Transactions

President: Isabelle Urbain-Parleani (Professor, Université Paris Descartes, Paris, France)

Conflict of Interest, Secrecy and Insider Information
(Klaus Hopt, Emeritus Professor, Max-Planck Institut für Ausländisches und Internationales Privat- recht, Hamburg, Germany)

The OECD Report on Related Party Transactions and Minority Shareholder Rights (Belgium, France, Italy, Israel and India)
(Daniel Blume and Grant Kirkpatrick, OECD, Paris)

Director’s Duties in Groups of Companies – Legalizing the Interest of the Group at the European Level
(Pierre-Henri Conac, Professor, University of Luxemburg, Luxemburg)

– Afternoon break –

Afternoon Session II:
The Transfer of Seat

President: Marco Ventoruzzo (Director, Max Planck Institute for International, Euro- pean, Regulatory and Procedural Law, Luxembourg, Professor, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy, and Penn State Dickinson School of Law, U.S.A.)

The Proposal of the Directive on the Transfer of Seat and the Vale Case (Jesper Lau Hansen, Professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Corporate Mobility in the EU - a Flash in the Pan?
(Georg Ringe, Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark)

Closing remarks

(Marcus Lutter, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult., University of Bonn, Germany)