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Legal Languages and Foreign Law

US Civil Procedure


Course description

(2.5 ECTS/ 1 hour per week) Basing on the units covered by the course ‘Introduction to US-law’, this course focuses on the judiciary system and civil procedure in order to significantly deepen its participant’s knowledge on these respective areas, taking the perspective of a German lawyer. Next to the national US-American law there will also be an examination of multilateral treaties on the area of International Civil Procedure Law applicable to legal businesses being conducted between the United States and Germany. Typical problems being discussed during this course would be the service of documents issued by a court, the taking of evidence abroad, a court’s jurisdiction within an international dispute or the acknowledgement and enforcement of a foreign court’s decision.

At the end of the course a participant would have to take a 15-minute oral exam, held in English, in order to receive a ‘Leistungsnachweis’ (i.e. certificate of performance).