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Working Paper on the “Societas Unius Personae (SUP)“


The Working Paper written by Prof. Dr. Christoph Teichmann and Andrea Fröhlich analyses the proposal on a revised directive on single-member private limited liability companies. The proposal, once adopted, would repeal Directive 2009/102/EC and introduce a new single-member company type called “Societas Unius Personae” (SUP). The proposal raised a lot of controversial issues, such as on-line registration, creditor protection, real seat and internal structure of the company. The Council of the European Union fundamentally changed the proposal and, in May 2015, agreed on a compromise proposal which serves as the basis for currently ongoing debates in the European Parliament. The Working Paper outlines the basic features of the Commissions’ Proposal and the major amendments which occurred in the course of the negotiations in the Council. It will be published in a collection of articles edited by Prof. Dr. Jorge Viera, Madrid.


The Working Paper can be downloaded here.