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Prof. Dr. Wiebke Voss

Curriculum Vitae

Wiebke Voß, born 1990, studied law at the University of Osnabrück (First State Examination 2014) and the University of Granada, Spain. Afterwards, she obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Osnabrück for a dissertation on comparative property law (“Erwerbssicherung beim Grundstückskauf”, 2018), under the supervision of Professor Hans SchulteNölke. During her doctoral studies, she worked as a Research Assistant at the Chair for Civil Law, Civil Procedural Law and Comparative Law at the Goethe University Frankfurt (2014–2018). She completed her legal clerkship at the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt (with stations, inter alia, in London) and obtained the bar exam in 2019, before resuming work as a Research Assistant at the Goethe University Frankfurt.

In 2020, Wiebke joined the Max Planck Institute for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law as a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of European and Comparative Procedural Law. After having earned a master’s degree from Cambridge University (Peterhouse) in 2021, she relocated to Würzburg where she was appointed junior professor for private law in November 2021. In addition to her teaching activities at the University of Würzburg, Wiebke is currently pursuing her postdoctoral studies (Habilitation) on German and European procedural law at the University of Heidelberg, under the supervision of Professor Burkhard Hess.


A current list of publications can be found here.

Lectures and presentations

A current list of lectures and presentations by Wiebke Voß can be found here.


  • Alumni der Studienstiftung e.V.
  • Deutsch-Spanische Juristenvereinigung e.V.
  • EAPIL Young Research Network
  • Gesellschaft für Rechtsvergleichung e.V.
  • Gesellschaft Junge Zivilrechtswissenschaft e.V.

Research interests

  • Civil Law (especially property law and consumer law)
  • Civil Procedure
  • Private International Law and International Civil Procedure
  • Comparative Law