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Administration and Staff


Karin Schmiedel (Room 104)

Secretariat opening hours
Monday and Wednesday from 9 am - 4 pm. Please make an appointment in advance.
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday available by telephone or e-mail.

Phone: +49 931 31-82303
Fax: +49 931 31-82797
e-mail: jura-sekretariat.hilgendorf(at)

Staff of the professorship (Room 106)
Telephone: +49 931 31-82302
Times of submitting exam papers: Tue-Thu 10-12

Leandro Dias

 E-Mail: leandroalberto.diasleston(at)

Doctoral Thesis: "Principles and Limits of Self-Defense Provocation in Penal Law"

Meike Heinz

E-Mail: mheinz(at)

Johannes Ketzer

E-Mail: johannes.ketzer(at)

Doctoral thesis: Thematic area of autonomous driving and ethics, in particular the question of the legal admissibility of transferring dilemma decisions to autonomous systems

Adrian Kleine-Kappenberg

Room: 108

Telephone: +49 931 31-82219

E-Mail: adrian.kleine-kappenberg(at)

Doctoral Thesis: Legal issues in the metaverse

Antonia Krause

E-Mail: antonia.krause(at)

Nicolas Kutschera

Room: 117

Telephone:  +49 931 31-83561

E-Mail: nicolas.kutschera(at)

Doctoral thesis: An Analysis of the European Commission's Proposal for a Regulation Establishing Harmonized Rules for Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Act) from a Trustworthiness Perspective

Sina Tenbrock-Ingenhorst

Room: 108

Telephone: +49 931 31-85244

E-Mail: sina.tenbrock-ingenhorst(at)


María Lucila Tuñón Corti

E-Mail: maria.tunon_corti(at)

Franziska Keilbach

E-Mail: franziska.keilbach(at)

Amelie Pauly

Tom Priebernig

E-Mail: tom.priebernig(at)

Leonora Qerimi

E-Mail: leonora.qerimi(at)

Romy Schefenacker

E-Mail: romy.schefenacker(at)