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    Prof. Dr. Dr. Eric Hilgendorf

    Conference Proceedings: Gefahr


    The Conference Proceeding "Gefahr" out of the talkings about penal law in Baden-Baden have been published together with Professor Thomas Fischer.

    The term "Gefahr" (German for Danger) is playing a big role in many disciplines. A lot of times the term "Risiko" (risk) is used. In the Jurisprudence the term for danger is looming large, e.g. in Penal and Police Law, but also in the field of Medical and Social Law, as well as in the juristical fundamental discussions.

    These Conference Proceedings from the Criminal Justice Talks in Baden-Baden discuss the two concepts of danger and risk in an interdisciplinary perspective and differenct contexts. It is the outcome of a convention that took place in Summer 2019 that had participants out of the field of Jurisprudence, as well as neighbouring disciplines right up to informatics.