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Visit of the Bavarian Minister for Digital Affairs

On April 20, 2023, the Bavarian Minister of State for Digital Affairs, Judith Gerlach, (Member of the State Parliament), visited the Faculty of Law at the University of Würzburg.

Welcoming and introduction by the Dean of Studies

The Dean of Studies, Professor Dr. Frank Schuster, welcomed the Minister upon her arrival at 5 pm in the courtyard of the Old University. 

The Freshers Rally

The Minister's visit coincided with the First Semester Week, an offer by the Dean of Studies developed by the Law Alumni Würzburg, which provides students with a variety of introductory and informational events at the beginning of their studies. As part of the freshmen week, the student council also organises a rally in which students participate in mini-games at many different stations in Würzburg's city centre.

To mark the visit of the Digital Minister, the student council and the Law Alumni Würzburg e.V. cooperated to hold the Ersti Rallye as a digital rallye for the first time. For this purpose, the student council also organised a bingo, for the winners of which the Law Alumni financed prizes.

Opening of the Freshers' Rally by the Bavarian Digital Minister

During the Minister's opening speech for the rally, she told the curious first-semester students about her time at university and the importance of a healthy "study-life balance".

Introduction by the Dean of Studies in the Neubaukirche

Afterwards, the students were dismissed for the digital rally and the minister's visit shifted to the Neubaukirche. After introductory words from the Dean of Studies, Professor Dr. Frank Schuster, the Minister of State presented the Bavarian Digital Strategy, which had only recently been presented.

Due to the scope of the Bavarian Digital Plan, more than 200 measures, the Minister could of course not go into all points. However, she mentioned in particular the model project of the already successful Digital Toolbox for Municipalities, which will be further expanded to improve the cooperation of municipalities with businesses and citizens. This will be joined by the so-called BayernPackages, with which the Free State will deliver a package of ready-to-use online services so that all relevant administrative services will be available online to all citizens and businesses by the end of 2024. Ms Gerlach particularly emphasised the strengthening of the digital skills of the employees. After all, digital services provided by the federal government, the federal states or local authorities always require staff who must also be able to handle them.

After the presentation of the Digital Plan, there was an opportunity for questions to the Digital Minister. The topics ranged from non-functioning Wi-Fi in university buildings to specific questions in the implementation of the announced over 200 measures.

Lecture by Professor Hotho on digitisation at the University of Würzburg

Ms Gerlach's presentation was followed by an insight from Professor Hotho (Chair of Computer Science X and spokesperson for CAIDAS) into the digitalisation and digitalisation efforts of the University of Würzburg.

End of the Digital Minister's visit

Due to a follow-up appointment of the Minister and the occupancy of the Neubaukirche, the event ended shortly after 6 pm.