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LL.M. Digitalization & Law


Will the courses be held at Würzburg University or online?

All courses are held on campus, but it is also possible to participate in some courses online (hybrid format).

When will the courses be taught?

This is an extra-occupational study program. This means that the lectures are usually held after 6 p.m. during the week or at weekends.

Which language skills do I need?

You must prove your proficiency in English at least on level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.  

For proof, we accept (for example): 

  1. the certificate of a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 72 points in the Internet-based test
  2. the certificate of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with a minimum score of 5,5 points
  3. the certificate of Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) with a minimum score of 160 points
  4. the certificate of the Duolingo English Test with a minimum score of 100 points
  5. Bachelor’s degree (taught in English)

What does 'minimum of one year of qualified practical experience' mean?

In terms of time: Qualified practical professional experience of at least one year is required. If proof of qualified practical professional experience to at least the required extent has not yet been provided at the time of application, this must be submitted to the Faculty of Law by the start of studies; in this case, at least a description of the practical professional activity must be submitted with the application.

In terms of content: Practical professional experience is qualified if it is a prerequisite for the qualifications acquired during the degree program and was generally acquired after the degree program was completed. The practical professional experience must be conducive to the study objective.

Proof: Employer's references, employment contracts or other suitable documents must be submitted from which the necessary information on the duration and content of the activities can be derived. Certificates of employment or certificates of hours worked are issued by the employer. Employment contracts are available to the applicant themselves. Otherwise, certificates are issued by the respective institution where the applicant gained the experience.

When does the application period end?

For the upcoming winter semester (2024/25) the application period ends on July 15, 2024.

Is there a scholarship opportunity?

Unfortunately, there is no scholarship opportunity so far. However, we are currently working on being able to offer such a programme in the future and of course we also accept external scholarships.

Where can I apply?

Applications can be made online via the university portal WueStudy.

You can already register on WueStudy now. This account will then allow you to apply for the degree program during the application period from January 25 to July 15, 2024.

You will find instructions on how to apply via WueStudy here.

Click here to download our brochure.

 What documents do I have to include in my application?

  • Bachelor’s diploma (certified copy and – if not issued in German or English – additionally officially certified translation)
  • Baccalaureate diploma (certified copy and – if not issued in German or English – additionally officially certified translation)
  • Certificate of qualified practical work experience for at least one year (original or certified copy and – if not issued in German or English – additionally officially certified translation)
  • English language test results (original or certified copy and – if not issued in German or English – additionally officially certified translation)
  • German language test results (original or certified copy and – if not issued in German or English – additionally officially certified translation) [may also be submitted until the end of the second semester]
  • CV covering everything up to the date of application

What are the requirements for certification and translation?

An official certification is a confirmation of the authenticity of e.g. a photocopy of a certificate. Therefore, only certifications made by an authorized body in the correct form can be accepted. Foreign certificates must be translated by an authorized body if they are not in English or German. We only accept documents in English or German.

Further information

Certified copy means that you have to certify the copy itself.

Do I need to provide a certified copy for all application documents?

No, you only need a certified copy of your educational certificates. This means you have to send us a certified copy of your Baccalaureate diploma and your Bachelor’s diploma.

For the language test results and the certificate of qualified practical work experience we also accept original certificates.

Will I get my application documents back after the application process has been completed?

We are obliged to keep your application documents and therefore cannot return any documents after the application process has been completed. Thus, please only send us certified copies of documents which you need again and not original certificates.

How long does it take until I get feedback whether I will be admitted to the program or not?

After we receive your application documents, you will be informed after about 3 to 4 weeks whether you are admitted or not.

My 3rd semester is not enough time for my Master's thesis?

The standard study plan requires you to write and submit your Master's thesis in the 3rd semester. In addition, your Master's thesis must also be corrected and your final oral examination must be taken by the end of the 3rd semester. Please note that the correction may take a few weeks and it may not be up to you when you can take your final oral examination. All of this may mean that you have to start your Master's thesis at the end of the 2nd semester in order to finish on time. However, as this may not be feasible for all students, we also offer you an alternative solution:

If you are unable to complete your Master's thesis in time during the 3rd semester, you must enrol with us for a 4th semester without paying any further tuition fees. You will only have to pay the semester fees of the University of Würzburg (approx. 160€).