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LL.M. Digitalization & Law

Credit transfer

If you change your course of study or if you are willing to apply for a double degree course, some of your completed modules can be considered for your new degree program. Under certain circumstances, the credit transfer can also be made by ex officio. According to § 18 ASPO 2015, such recognition entails a classification into a higher subject semester, corresponding to the amount of credits to be recognized.

For the recognition of examination credits, a corresponding application must be submitted. The application must be submitted to the student advisor for the master Digitalization and Law. Please note:

An application for recognition of credits from previous study programs can only be submitted once, within the first study semester in the new study program at JMU, to the responsible examination board, as long as the achievements in question have not yet been taken at JMU at the time the application is submitted (§ 18 para. 4 ASPO 2015).

Since the situation depends very much on the individual study history, it is definitely advisable to have a counseling session with the student advisor as soon as a change of subject or a double degree program is being considered. The student advisor will tell you everything you need to know about how to proceed.