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LL.M. Digitalization & Law

Tuition fees

There is a tuition fee and a semester fee for our LL.M. program.  

Our tuition fee totals 7500€. It be paid in three instalments of 2500€ each in the first three semesters before the date of enrolment for the semester in question.

The semester fee of the University of Würzburg is approx. 160€ per semester. We have no influence on the exact amount, as this is determined by the university each semester. With the payment of the semester fee, you will receive a student ID. The student ID enables you to fully access the university library and use the public transport in Würzburg for free. 

If you are unable to complete your Master's thesis and your Oral examination in time during the 3rd semester, you will have to enrol with us for a 4th semester without any further tuition fees. You will only have to pay the semester fees of the University of Würzburg again.