Lehrstuhl für Bürgerliches Recht, Deutsches und Europäisches Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht

ECFR - European Company and Financial Law Review

In legislation and in case law, European Union law has become a
steadily more dominant factor in determining national company laws
as well as financial markets and banking law of the member states.
However, national law also continues to play a major role in several
fields. Such developments are sometimes of high academic interest
in other European jurisdictions.

However, the discussion of these European and national
developments is still to a great extent restricted to the national
communities of experts and is done in their national language.
Therefore, there is still a strong publication and language barrier in
Europe. ECFR intends to change this situation by being one of the
leading European academic platforms for debate across Europe on
drafting and application of European and comparative company and
financial markets law. lt aims at universities, lawmakers on both the
European and national levels, courts, lawyers, banks and other
financial service institutions, in house counsel, accountants and
notaries who draft or work with European company and financial

The journal focuses on all areas of European and national company
law and of the financing of companies and business entities. This
includes the law of capital markets as well as the law of accounting
and auditing and company law-related issues of insolvency law.
Banking law is also treated through specific articles as part of
financial markets law. Finally, ECFR serves as a platform for the
discussion of theoretical questions such as economic analysis of
company law. lt consists of articles and case notes on both decisions
of the European courts as well as of national courts insofar as they
are of interest from a comparative perspective. This does not, of
course, exclude contributions from other parts of the world which
may also be of interest for European readers.

Based on an initiative by the editors of the Zeitschrift für
Unternehmens- und Gesellschaftsrecht (ZGR), ECFR soon gained
the support of many sister journals all of them leading company and
financial markets law journals in their respective jurisdictions. Thus,
ECFR as a European platform for academic exchange is currently
edited by the editors of ZGR in co-operation with
Ondernemingsrecht, Revista de Derecho de Sociedades, Revue des
societes, Rivista delle societa, and the Revue pratique des societes -
Tijdschrift voor rechtspersoon en vennootschap.

Managing Editors of ECFR are Holger Fleischer, Jesper Lau
Hansen, Maarten J. Kroeze, Hanno Merkt, Andres Recalde Castells,
Edmund Schuster, Marco Ventoruzzo and Marieke Wyckaert

Editors-in-Chief are Pierre-Henri Conac and Christoph Teichmann


Annual Conference

ECFR holds an annual conference on recent topics of European
company and financial law. The annual conference 2019 took place
in Cracow (Poland) on 27 September 2019. Academic presentations,
amongst other topics, dealt with the European on
preventive restructuring, with the implications of Brexit and with
recent national company law reforms in Belgium and Poland. For
further inquiries please contact the editorial board (
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