Lehrstuhl für Bürgerliches Recht, Deutsches und Europäisches Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht

    3rd ECFR Symposium (2008)

    Programm of the 3rd ECFR Symposium
    in Vienna on Friday, October 10 2008
    Shareholder Suits

    Opening remarks
    Peter Doralt
    (Professor emeritus, Wirtschaftsuniversität, Vienna,
    Head of the Austrian Takeover Commission)

    Heribert Hirte
    (Professor, University of Hamburg)

    Morning Session
    President: Guido Ferrarini
    (Professor, University of Genes, Italy)

    Shareholders suits against the management of a company
    and against other shareholders in French Law (abuse by
    minority or majority of shareholders, enforcement of shareholders' agreement)

    (Bernard Grelon, Professor, University of Paris IX Dauphine,
    Member of the Paris bar, UGGC Law firm)

    Derivative Claims and Corporate Governance: Some reflections on the UK
    Companies Act 2006 and a New Proposed Model

    (Arad Reisberg, Ph.D., Director, UCL Centre for Commercial Law and Lecturer

    Faculty of Laws, University College, London)

    Theoretical considerations on & practical responses to investor suits

    (Erik P.M. Vermeulen, Professor of Law and Management (Faculty of Law, Tilburg University),
    Professor of Financial Market Regulation (Tilburg Law and Economics Center) and Vice
    President Philips Corporate Legal Department (Corporate and Financial Law Group) Philipps
    N.V., Eindhoven, Netherlands)

    – Morning break –

    Shareholder Suits in Spain

    (Manuel Sanchez Alvarez, Professor (University of Las Palmas, Spain), Lawyer
    (Garrigues, Abogados y Asesores Tributarios), Judge, on leave)

    Problematic Legal Transplants: Shareholder Suits and Investors Class Actions in Italy
    (Paolo Giudici, Director, Center for Research in Law & Economics [CRELE], Free University of
    Bozen-Bolzano; European Corporate Governance Institute [ECGI])

    Towards an efficient regime of investor suits - Policy Considerations

    (Dirk Zetzsche, Ph.D., LL.M., President, Düsseldorf Law School [Graduate Unit of Heinrich
    Heine University, Düsseldorf], Manager - Center for Business & Corporate Law)

    – Lunch break –

    Afternoon Session

    President: Isabelle Urbain-Parleani (Professor, Université Paris V, Paris)

    Shareholder Suits in Austria with Particular Reference to the Price Adjustments Procedures in
    German and Austrian Law (“Spruchverfahren”)

    (Elisabeth Stern, Dr. iur., Grohs Hofer & Partner
    Rechtsanwälte, Vienna)

    Shareholder suits in Belgian Law (including
    (i) suits against managers and directors [derivative action] and
    (ii) resolution of disputes between shareholders)

    (Arnaud Coibion and Alexia Bertrand, Avocats, Brussels (Linklaters De Bandt) and associates
    to the Centre Jean Renauld, Louvain, Belgium)

    – Afternoon break –

    An Empirical Analysis of Securities Fraud Class Actions under American Law

    (Randall S. Thomas,
    John S. Beasley II Professor in Law and Business, Vanderbilt Law School, Nashville, TN,

    Cross border Shareholder Suits and the Implications of the EC Shareholders’ Rights Directive
    on Shareholder Suits

    (Dario Latella, Professor, University of Messina, Italy)

    Shareholder Suits: Common Problems, Different Solutions and First Steps towards a Possible

    Harmonization by Means of a European Model Code
    (Susanne Kalss, Professor, Wirtschaftsuniversität, Vienna)