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    Würzburg Centre for Social Implications of Artificial Intelligence (SOCAI)

    Research Paper

    Research Paper No. 1:

    The first research paper presents the research programme and the expected work of the SOCAI centre. The actual research subject, the methodology, an agenda and the individual research fields are described in more detail. The author and director of the SOCAI Centre, Dr. David Roth-Isigkeit, offers an overview of the questions and challenges facing modern societies as a result of the digital transformation.

    key words: digital transformation, artificial intelligence, information technology, social change, technical progress

    Research Paper No. 2:

    In our research paper (no. 2), Luise Müller considers the normative dimension of socially deploying AI from a perspective of justice, and asks about the possibilities and problems of such a perspective. 

    key words: justice, Artificial Intelligence, ethical AI, social change, machine ethics