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    Würzburg Centre for Social Implications of Artificial Intelligence (SOCAI)

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    Research Assistents

    Ass. iur. Dominik Klaus

    Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter


    Student Assistants

    Ruben Maaß

    Student Assistant



    Sarah Eitert

    Student Assistant




    Short CV:

    Gained the general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) in 2018, afterwards begin with law studies in the winter term 2018/2019, thus  at the moment in the 3. semester. Since August 2019 student assistant at the junior research group „The Right Of The AI“.

    Study Interests:

    • Fundamental rights and administrative law
    • French law

    Other Interests:

    • Impact and consequences of AI on and through public law
    • Philosophical approaches on AI


    Short CV:

    General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) 2017 and then beginning of law studies in October 2017. In the winter term of 2019/2020, semester abroad at the Eötvös Loránd University Budapest. Currently completing the 6th semester.


    Study interests:

    • Private international law 
    • Law of the European Union

    Other interests:

    •  the law of AI in a global context 
    •  role of people in an automated society

    Jason Coombe

    Student Assistant


    Short CV:

    School leaving examination 2016. Since Wintersemester 16/17 studies of law at the  Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg. Eighth semester with focus on "Labour law in companies". 

    Study interests:

    • Employment and labour law
    • Constitutional law and legal philosophy
    • Administrative law and administrative procedure

    Other Interests:

    • Social and legal implications of AI and its integration into modern civil society
    • Sustainability through modern infrastructure (smart city etc.)