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    Würzburg Centre for Social Implications of Artificial Intelligence (SOCAI)

    Research Areas

    The SOCAI Centre offers interdisciplinary perspectives on the challenges of technological progress for law and society. In close cooperation with research in the areas of machine learning and next-generation hardware, we work on designs and visions for a successful digital transformation.

    Digital transformation and the democratic constitutional order

    The German basic law and other model constitutions frequently offer a dual perspective on the current development of digital transformation. On the one hand, they tend to be open for the integration of technological change in administration and society. On the other hand, they set clear limits for the use of algorithmic decision making. The research in this area thus targets the perspective of constitutional orders on digitalization. It aims to understand and specify the applicable constitutional frame while at the same time suggesting guidelines for the constitutional integration of technology.


    Transnational technology law – Global Regulation between Public and Private

    The regulation of technology is a genuinely global task. The global dimension is released from the idea of regulation within the national state and acknowledges the important role of private actors in technological innovation. This means on the one hand, trying to bind private actors to common public standards as well as the attempt to formulate a vision of future global cooperation in digitalization.

    Machine normativity

    Research in this area addresses the question how and on what basis algorithms may take normative decisions. How can we make sure that a self-driving car in case of an unavoidable accident takes the right decision between two alternative options. Advances in the area of machine learning let it appear possible that even complex balancing exercises between different legal principles could be solved through algorithmic training. In close cooperation with the technological development, this research is dedicated to an explorative and innovative issue area.