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Würzburg Centre for Social Implications of Artificial Intelligence (SOCAI)

Golnaz A. Jafari, LL.M

Research Assistant


After graduating with a B.A. in English Language and Literature from the State University of Tabriz in Iran‎, Golnaz did a LL.B. at the University of Birmingham, UK. She continued with an LL.M. (magna cum laude) in European Union Business Law and International Economic Organisations at the Institute for European Studies, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels, Belgium.  Her Masters thesis focused on the EU investment policy after the Treaty of Lisbon entered into force. Having worked, among others, as a legal consultant for a law firm in Ankara,Turkey and a research fellow at UNIDROIT, the International Intergovernmental Organisation for Harmonisation of Private Law, in Rome, Italy, Golnaz has been working as a legal consultant for a start up company based in Microcity Pole d'innovation in La Chaux de Fonds specialising in ICT related software and hardware applications for distributed ledger technology based networks. In February 2018 Golnaz started her PhD under the supervision of Professor Malte Gruber at the University of Lucerne, Switzerland, on the enforceability of smart contracts and the design of a model for a distributed dispute resolution mechanism for community networks.

  • European Union Law, EU Digital Single Market
  • European Investment Law and International Economic Organisations
  • Information and Communications Technology Law
  • Ditributed Network Infrastructures, Algorithmic Protocol Governance Models
  • Dispute Resolution Models
  • Smart Contracts

  • Accountability in DLT -based network platforms governed by algorithmic protocols. Potential legal responsibility in emerging (socio-technological) constructs with no clear definition of rights and obligations of pseudonymous digital identities and the ultimate actors involved, under the light of multifold definitions of the concept 'decentralisation'.
  • Transnational technology law. Social and political dynamics of technological innovation and cross jurisdictional studies.