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    Würzburg Centre for Social Implications of Artificial Intelligence (SOCAI)


    Prof. Dr. David Roth-Isigkeit

    Zentrum für Soziale Implikationen künstlicher Intelligenz (SOCAI)
    Domerschulstraße 16
    97070 Würzburg
    Building: Alte Universität

    Studies of law at the Universities of Muenster and Heidelberg (Erste Juristische Staatsprüfung, 2011), of International Affairs at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva (M. A., 2013. Thesis on conflicts of jurisdiction in situations of overlap between multiple legal systems), and of philosophy at Goethe University Frankfurt / Main (M. A., 2016. Thesis on contractualist models of legal normativity). Fellow of the German National Academic Merit Foundation. Doctorate in law at Goethe University Frankfurt / Main (2016). Doctoral thesis on conceptions of law beyond the state and their implications on the rule of law. Legal clerkship at district court Frankfurt / Main and the German Federal Foreign Office, Berlin (Zweite Juristische Staatsprüfung 2019). Since 2019 leader of a research group in the field of the law of AI and the interdisciplinary SOCAI Centre for Social Implications of Artificial Intelligence at JMU Würzburg.


    A list of lectures can be found here.