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    WINTER TERM 2021/2022

    Winter Term 2021/22- Course Catalogue WueStudy

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    Foreign Law Classes Winter Term 2021/22

    General Overview - Law Classes in Foreign Languages

    Spanish speaking classes 1

    Spanish speaking classes 2

    Einführung in das lateinamerikanische Recht

    French speaking classes


    Please note that the type of teaching (online/hybrid/ face to face teaching) is not known yet. Therefore, no information about the classroom yet.

    SUMMER TERM 2021

    Summer Term 2021- Course Catalogue WueStudy

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    Summer Term 2020/21 - Foreign Law classes taught in English/French/Spanish/Italian Language

    Summer Term 2020/21 - Lenguas Jurídicas y Derecho Extranjero

    WINTER TERM 2020/21

    Winter Term 2020/21: Course Catalogue

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