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    WINTER TERM 2022/2023

    Please click here to view the new course catalogue.  Choose "Wintersemester 22/23"

    - Open undergraduate courses (Grundständige Studiengänge)

    - Go to Jurisprudence (Rechtswissenschaft)


    Scroll down to Erasmusprogramm and Fremdsprachige Veranstaltungen, open tab:



    Please click here for an overview of the foreign language law classes offered next winter term.
    Note that this information is subject to change without notice. We constantly update and extend the list.


    For spanish speaking law classes have a look here:

    Lenguas Jurídicas y Derecho Extranjero - Español


    For french speaking law classes have a look here:

    Langues juridiques et droit étranger - Français