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How To Get Your Transcript

Unlike German students, the Erasmus students, (so called programme students), are assigned to a different course of study in the system and their academic achievements cannot be recorded electronically - and therefore are not visible in WueStudy.

This is the reason why the ToR cannot be issued automatically by WueStudy and needs to be created manually based on your grades.

Please proceed as follows to obtain a ToR from the Erasmus-Office:

  1. ATTEND A CLASS, ending with a written or oral exam, or a written paper
  2. INFORM THE LECTURER before the semester starts or in the first three weeks of class that you are an Erasmus student and that you would like to participate in their class as well as take the exam
  4. SEND US AN E-MAIL containing the following information
    or use this template(writable PDF)  sending it to: 
  • List of your classes in accordance with your latest Learning Agreement, including the title, lecturer, contact hours and ECTS credits
  • Certificates issued by the Language Centre (ZFS)/ a different faculty – a scan or picture is sufficient!

Please note that grades issued by lecturers of the Law Faculty are transmitted to us directly (including the courses offered by the Fachsprachen) Therefore, you do not need to additionally contact the lecturers.

Your ToR will be issued in due time and sent to you via e-mail. Estimated duration of the ToR preparation: it may take up to 4 weeks after the end of the semester to issue the ToR, depending on how quickly we receive the grades from the lecturers.

If you have certain deadlines to meet, inform us in time to initiate a preferential and expedited preparation of the ToR.