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Robotics Law Research Centre

Doctorates at the Robotics Law Research Centre.

Current doctoral candidates and their research

Dipl. Jur. Sophie Garling

A methodology for the development of a system of legal experts

Jille Kikonga, LL.B

Criminal law regulation of the dissemination of fake news

Ass. Jur. Nicolas Kutschera, European Lawyer

A Monitoring and Analysis of the European Commission's Proposal for a Regulation Establishing Harmonised Rules for Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Act)

Pia Mesenberg

Formalising legal rules - A consideration in the context of automated driving.

Ass. Jur. Daniel Nikol

An international comparison of liability issues in respect of artificial intelligence

Thomas Steur

Criminal and civil liability problems in telemedicine

Max Tauschhuber

The influence of intelligent artefacts on human behaviour and the relevance of those changes for the (penal) law, exemplarily on eHealth

Jannick Thonemann

Artificial intelligence and its impact on the legal order with a special focus on intellectual property issues

Completed PhDs

Prof. Dr. Susanne Beck

Stem cell research and criminal law - an assessment of the use of criminal law in biotechnology

Dr. Lisa Blechschmitt

Criminal and civil liability of physicians when performing robot-assisted surgery

Dipl. Jur. Inci Demir

Mobile Health: mobile health applications - programmed health - the opportunities and the risks

Dr. Jochen Feldle

Emergency algorithms – [life and death] dilemmas in automated road transport

Dr. Jan-Philipp Günther

Robots and legal responsibility. An investigation of the liability of users and manufacturers

Dr. Christian Haagen, Ass. Jur.

Liability issues when using artificial intelligence. Ethical and civil law questions as well as duty of care requirements in the development and placing on the market of AI technologies.

Dr. Tino Haupt

Access to Vehicle Data from a Criminal and Civil Law Perspective. An Examination of the Current Legal Situation with Proposals for Reform.

Dr. Berthold Haustein

The possibilities and limits of data ownership

Dr. Ulrich Honecker

Dilemma situations: choosing who should live and who should die in unavoidable accident situations. An analysis of criminal and civil liability of manufacturers for deaths caused by their automated vehicle systems

Dr. Xiaoyan Huang, LL.M. Eur.

Technology vs. law - Legal challenges in connection with "Industry 4.0" using the examples of data security and data protection

Dr. Anna Lohmann, European lawyer

Artificial intelligence in the field of criminal law

Dr. Severin Löffler

Military and civilian aerial robots. Selected criminal law problems in the use of combat and surveillance drones.

Dr. iur. Dipl.-Ing.Lennart S. Lutz

Automated driving, dashcams and storage of data usable as evidence: legal problems of data collection and data access de lege lata

Dr. Florian Münch

Autonomous systems in hospitals: the data protection framework and criminal law limits

Dr. Annika Schömig

Hazards and risks in criminal law. A presentation of the terms and methods with special consideration of risk classes.

Dr. Paul Vogel, LL.M. Eur.

Data protection issues arising through the use of learning systems

Dr. Nicolas Woltmann, European lawyer

The social robot. Criminal law aspects of the personification of technical systems using the example of social bots.