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    Buddy Programme

    The Buddy programme is directed to all the international and German law students.

    The English word "Buddy" stands for friends or people you get along with well. In our programme the "Buddies" usually are students from Würzburg, who have already studied abroad and have experienced some of the problems you will be likely to face. Some of the "Buddies" however haven't had the chance to go abroad yet. Nevertheless they might also be able to help you organize your studies at our university.

    Thus you will find it easier to get to know Würzburg, socialize with locals and to deal with the organisation of your course of studies. And perhaps one of these acquaintances will turn out to become a language partner or close friend.

    If you want to join the Buddy programme please contact the Erasmus office: .

    Additionally we would like to advise you of the tutoring programme of the International Office:

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