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Conference "AI, Law, and Agency in the Age of Machine Learning" in Tel Aviv


New technologies keep challenging the law, and now it is the turn of Artificial intelligence (AI). The promise is that it will be a disruptive technology that will affect many aspects of our daily lives. The concern is that the changes might not all be for the better. The law has a role here, to assist us in promoting the good, separating it from the bad, and adjusting to the new situations, yet to be seen. The relationship between law and technology has been a complex one, with some holding a technological deterministic view which renders the law irrelevant and inhibiting; others see the potential of the law in promoting new technologies by regulating their use; and yet others argue that the relationship is dialectic and more complex than either version.

This one day conference, co-sponsored by WU and TAU Law (Safra, SHIIP) will focus on the issue of agency: is AI technology agency-less, like previous technologies such as the Internet at large, or is it akin to corporations and other artificial legal entities? The question arises in a variety of legal issues, ranging from tort liability to copyright authorship, data protection and criminal law.

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