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Working group competition and regulation

Working Group Law and Economics of Competition and Regulation

Scientific direction

Prof. Dr. Florian Bien, Maître en Droit, Faculty of Law

Prof. Toker Doganoglu, Ph.D., Faculty of Economics

Prof. Dr. Markus Ludwigs, Faculty of Law

Prof. Norbert Schulz, Ph.D., Faculty of Economics

The "Working Group Law and Economics of Competition and Regulation", established in 2011, provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and experience between economists and lawyers with backgrounds in academics and practice. Scientific directors are legal academics Prof. Dr. Florian Bien, Prof. Dr. Markus Ludwigs and economists Prof. Norbert Schulz, Ph.D. and Prof. Toker Doganoglu, Ph.D. (all of them Wuerzburg). Cooperation partners i.e. economic and legal practitioners regularly participate in meetings of the Working Group. Further members of the Working Group are Post-Docs, PhD-candidates and other scientific assistants of the participating Chairs. The working group closely cooperates with high officials of European and national regulatory authorities (European Commission, Federal Cartel Office, and Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)) and with counsels of renowned law firms such as CMS Hasche Sigle, Gleiss Lutz, and Oppenländer. These legal and economic practitioners regularly participate in meetings of the Working Group, thus serving the group´s aim to develop practically feasible solutions.

Current research subjects are "Price-Based Exclusionary Conduct in the Light of the More Economic Approach", "Private Damage Claims based on competition law violations" and "Competition and Regulatory Policy and Law in a Digitalized Economy".