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Faculty of Law

Honorary Doctorate

2014: Prof. Dr. Paul Lagarde

"We honor Mr. Lagarde with the doctor honoris causa as an outstanding representative of the European conflict of laws and the international unification of the conflict of laws, as an connoisseur of the German Right and a veritable  bridge builder between Germany and France." (Excerpt from the laudatory speech  of Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Kieninger)


2013: Prof. Dr. Izhak Englard

"With the honorary doctorate for Izhak Englard we honor an excellent academic researcher who is highly respected worldwide and a law philosopher with an extraordinary impressive legal body of work. Our great recognition and deepest gratitude is due to him for acting as an important bridge builder between Germany and Israel." (Excerpt from the laudatory speech of Prof. Dr. Horst Dreier)



2012: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Ole Lando

"Professor Ole Lando is one of the best-known and most outstanding European lawyers. His academic work has set standards for European private law and shaped a new style of working in European-oriented jurisprudence. Not only did he promote the unification of European conflict of laws long before the "European judicial area" was mentioned. Above all, he has rendered outstanding services to European contract law." (Excerpt from the laudatory speech of Prof. Dr. Oliver Remien)