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Welcome to the UniRep website

What is the UniRep?

The UniRep is a program designed to prepare law students for their first state examination. This requires knowledge in every area of law which law students acquire in at least one year of preparation.

Our team supports law students in this long period of time by offering not only individual counseling as how to structure the year of preparation but also “exam courses” for the repetition of the examination material, a weekly course to practice writing exams and weekly study groups under the supervision of lawyers.

Twice a year we offer a probationary examination. This is supposed to prepare students for the real examination which consists of six written exams in six days. In addition students can also simulate the upcoming oral exam with original examiners.

Overall we want to accompany law students from the beginning to the end of their preparation time in order to help everyone achieve the best possible result.

The first state examination is only held in German. Therefore it is indispensable to write and speak German at least at level C1.