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Faculty of Law

Office of the Dean of Studies

The Faculty's Dean of Study

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Buchwitz

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Buchwitz was elected as the new Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Law with effect from 01.10.2019. On these pages you will find information about the activities of the Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Law, in particular the current teaching report, as well as information about law studies at the University of Würzburg.

Office hours of the Dean of Studies:

The office hours of Prof. Dr. Wolfram Buchwitz for matters in his function as Dean of Studies take place on appointment at the Chair of the Dean of Studies.


Office hours of the Student Advisory Service:

The office hours of the student advisory service can be found here.

Responsibilities of the Dean of Studies:

The duties of the Dean of Studies are defined in Art. 30 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act (in the version of 23 May 2006, unofficial translation):

Dean of Studies

(1) 1 The Faculty Council shall elect from among the professors of the Faculty a person responsible for teaching and studying (Dean of Studies) for a term of three years; re-election is permitted. 2 Members of the Faculty Council are entitled to make proposals. 3 The Basic Regulations may provide for the election of further Deans of Studies. 4 If the university is not divided into faculties, the Senate shall elect a Dean of Studies; sentences 1 to 3 shall apply mutatis mutandis.

(2) The Dean of Studies

1. works to ensure that the courses offered comply with the examination and study regulations, that the studies can be carried out properly within the standard period of study and that the students are adequately supervised,

2. is responsible for the evaluation of teaching including student evaluations,

3. reports regularly to the Dean and to the Faculty Council as well as to the university management at least once a semester on his or her work,

4. submits an annual report on teaching (teaching report) to the Faculty Council in a non-personal form,

5. submits proposals to the Dean for the use of the funds available for teaching,

6. shall comment on the pedagogical suitability of applicants in appointment procedures.

(3) 1 The teaching report shall describe the situation of teaching and study and the organisation of teaching; it shall also report on the current status of the implementation of target agreements in the field of teaching. 2 For the reporting period, the teaching report shall also contain information on the evaluation of the courses offered in the individual study programmes by the students and, if applicable, also on external evaluations.

(4) The higher education institution shall be obliged to provide the Deans of Studies with adequate funds to fulfil their duties.